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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Picamatic?

    Picamatic is a powerful, fast and easy online service for uploading and sharing images, pictures and photos.

  • For how long uploaded images are being hosted?

    We tend to save your images forever.

  • How many images can be uploaded?

    You can upload unlimited amount of files in just one click.

  • What image types are supported?

    We support the following image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG.

  • Is there a limit on size of images?

    Size of each image should not exceed 2Mb.

  • Do you delete adult/offensive images?

    We do not delete uploaded images unless they are restricted by laws. For more details on this please see the Terms of Service.

  • Are my images hidden from a public eye?

    We don't put uploaded files in public. Your images are accessible by people with whom you share links only.

  • Where to register?

    You don't have to – you are already registered automatically. Click 'Save these images' after you upload one or more images. You'll get your persistent link (aka permalink) saved and sent to your mailbox. Bookmark this link and use it to access your uploaded images and photos anytime you want.

  • How do I access 'My images' from another computer?

    Just click on 'Save these images' link and follow the instructions.

  • Why doesn't direct URL show up for certain images?

    Direct URLs are only available for images less than 300Kb in size. It's for saving everyone's traffic.

  • How do I enable batch uploading?

    This feature requires latest version of Flash Player installed and activated.
    If you use FlashBlock plugin for Firefox, please allow Picamatic in FlashBlock settings.

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